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May 21 2014


Putting a Price on Data For Big and Small Sports

Companies are putting more and more into sports technological data each day.

May 15 2014


Why MBA's still matter to the startup world

Interview with Rick Vanzura on the importance of education in the age of the “microwave millionaire” and “right now” culture.

Social and streaming indicted in the case of the disappearing cable subscriber

Is it time for me to slip them a pill, and cut cable? It may very well be. And I'm hardly alone in this "cut the cord" home economics decision.

3 reasons your business website needs a thriving online forum

Are you an up-and-coming blogger? Or perhaps an established one who’s looking for ways to bring in more revenue from your website?

May 12 2014


Cyberbullying: Are you just as brave in person?

Cyberbullying: Your biggest challenge is going to be to control yourself to only pay attention to the items that are issues and not intrude entirely in your kids lives.

May 11 2014


'Weird' email marketing subject lines can increase your open rate nearly 50%

Have you ever seen a seductive email subject line that drew you in completely?

May 09 2014


Big risk marketing: You lose 100% of the races you don’t enter

Companies like Virgin America, IKEA, and AT&T, and brands like Old Spice and Hydroxycut are betting big and winning big in marketing.

May 08 2014


Scientifically proven email techniques to make you look more professional

Email marketing continues to be an effective medium for reaching audiences. In order to keep your email campaigns looking professional, consider the following tips and strategies.

5 steps to living a Jetsons-style, automated life

Never before now has it been easier to control your environment and delegate mundane tasks to electronics, apps and other remote options.

May 06 2014


How to use Google Adsense for site analysis

Google Analytics is a great free tool to track site performance, and analyze visitors and their behaviors. It provides robust data to gauge traffic and audience.

May 05 2014


Crowdfunding: Nonprofit's newest, sharpest financial weapon [Infographic]

Nonprofits adopting the latest social crowdfunding techniques are thriving. And tomorrow, May 6, is expected to be the largest, one-day, charitable, online crowdfunding event to date.

These fresh Twitter features will boost your ROI

Here are three new or upcoming features that can enhance your company’s ROI.

May 02 2014


The end of image searching?

If imonomy can deliver on all its promises it stands to be a catch all save all for blogs on the borderline with social engagement and revenue issues with little to no upfront investment.

May 01 2014


Facebook's mobile 'fate' looks more promising than its earlier phone

Older, wiser Facebook is definitely shifting gears away from user growth, and more towards innovating on the new Facebook mobile platform.

Brand Integration: How that taco got in your YouTube video

"The YouTuber is the conduit and gatekeeper to young audiences," and smart companies are using them to spread their brands.

April 30 2014


Simplified mobile prototyping catapults developers beyond voiceless screenshots

With the right tools, you can be out living the mobile dream, instead of merely describing it.

April 29 2014


A blogger's confession: Why I don’t get anything done at work

Alternatively titled, "The perils of working from home".

We are living in a virtual world, and I am a virtual girl

Virtual assistants, permanent secretaries or temporary employees. Decisions on scalable virtual offices growing tougher with expanding virtual economy.

April 28 2014


Understanding every social media second of your brand reputation

The extent to which social media disrupts or augments our business will change as we get better at handling large quantities of data in fair, transparent, immediate and relevant ways.

April 24 2014


How HTML5 and interactive video are increasing product sales and brand visibility

Having 10,000 views on YouTube doesn’t really tell you much of anything in terms of useful ROI. HTML5 interactive video is changing that.
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