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April 24 2014


Interview: Heartbleed, hurricanes & human error of business disruption

What are the greatest threats to business? A Technorati interview with Kristen Lovejoy, GM of IBM Security Services Division.

April 23 2014


Is social media serious enough for serious professions?

Social media doesn't just work for simple, fun, consumer products and services. This is how to make it work for serious business, as well.

April 22 2014


Your mobile health apps and wearables are breathing life into digital wellness

The future and forces of digital health, and the four mobile health app rules developers need for success in it.

Earth Day goes social, one Tweet at a time

Earth Day is celebrated by billions of people in 108 countries across the world. Not surprisingly, social media has become a key component in promoting the event.

April 21 2014


How do you effectively reel-in enterprise social media management?

In enterprise social media management, seamless integration into existing operations and coordination, is king.

April 18 2014


Turn off the Discovery Channel and use mobile apps to discover nature for yourself

Put down the laptop and turn off the TV. Free apps that are worth getting when visiting National Parks

April 17 2014


What’s this ‘Heartbleed’ I keep hearing about, and why should I care?

Think of IT Heartbleed like “trick or treating” and you put your hand in a big bowl of candy, and pull out something random.

CEO Interview: What do Obamacare and HBO GO have in common?

I hope that HBO got themselves a SOASTA license after their Game of Thrones fiasco.

April 16 2014


Water balloon content marketing: Who says cyber security can't be fun? [VIDEO]

What's so funny about cyber security? Normally, very little. But on this trolley-ride of a San Francisco night, something unusual happened: really fun video marketing.

March 27 2014


How to get free press: Be social, follow through, and make a cool product people can afford

I love a responsive company. And I like them even more it they're willing to take-on an industry giant like Google, and offer a "pay a little, get a whole lot more" SaaS solution.

Nielsen study reveals when you need expert content to drive inbound marketing - #AdtechSF

You need expert content in your marketing mix, now more than ever. Here's to know when and where.

March 26 2014


Why publishers think native advertising’s worth a million Content Clicks - #AdtechSF

What makes a native ad soluiton worth a $1M check? In short, it’s the widget’s ease of use and self-service platform that makes it easy for bloggers to make money from their traffic.

4 reasons why Oculus is to Facebook as Android is to Google

Oculus is to Facebook as Android is to Google

Bitcoin: The “rich white male disaster" seeks political heroes (and the IRS isn't one of them)

So while in the Colorado, the cannabis industry is driving investor excitement, everywhere else in the world, virtual currency is arguably the hottest industry to quickly go from courtship to financial marriage.

March 25 2014


#CoinSummit: Geolocation driving, easy virtual currency retailers to the palm of your hands

Bitscan debutes Android app at CoinSumm.it, making it easier for people to find bitcoin businesses on the go.

PlayCast Media dives into the U.S. #cloud gaming market at #GDC2014

PlayCast Media's done well in European countries like France and Portugal. Technorati writer Byron Gordon finds out why in this interview.

A better PayPal mousetrap for today's social, global world?

The stated goal is to fix an “antiquated” wire and transfer system with an innovative, online solution. Essentially, building a much simpler, financial mousetrap.

March 24 2014


Mobile advertising like you've never experienced, one sound bite at a time

90% of people are messing around on their phones or tablets while watching TV. New SDK zample seeks to drive highly targeted advertising from the data gained from those moments.

March 23 2014


2014: The future of content marketing - an interview with Brian Solis

Brian touches on a number of different topics including content marketing, real-time content creation, and the effects of using content in such a short-lived, meaningless way.

March 21 2014


The four things startups need, to be sexy enough for an IPO

By positioning your startup for success, you can get to that next level and finally start mulling over exciting decisions, like whether to accept a buyout offer, or consider holding out for a public offering. But that’s a topic for another day.
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